The current election in the United States of America has furnished quite a glimpse of its social behaviour and sentiments through its divided national political scenario.

Within its democratic and liberal fundamentals, this is a nation that thrives on extreme racialism and xenophobic temperament in its White supremacist and uncontrolled gun cultures.

It is a nation of Nobel laurates sharing their wisdom and knowledge with the rest of the world, while actually, a significant segment of its population lives like a proverbial frog in the well.

The US is also a nation where many immigrants, thru some baffling genetic fusion after a few years of their Americanization, also become anti-immigrant, anti refugees, and diehard conservatives in the real Far-Right fascist mould.

It is also a nation of anti-environmentalism and anti-mask, breathing the lies that smell the entire election process is a fraud committed by the no-name institution or yet-to-be-named establishment.

Two distinct sides of the same coin that is what America today is.

But one side is visibly dirtier and dreadful. At the same time, the other offers a renewed hope for equality, respect, and civility to all the Americans and bolstering peace in the world.

-Promod Puri

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