There Is Faith In Trudeau’s Ethnic Sentiments

His father, Pierre Trudeau, was an intellectual statesman. Justin Trudeau falls into that grade. The genes are there.

He is a “thoughtful and intelligent guy,” according to former Liberal leader Bob Rae. In his policies, we’re creating a better and more compassionate Canada.

Trudeau’s leadership role in handling the current pandemic crisis demonstrates his compassion and caring for all Canadians. The food must be on the table, and the necessities of all Canadians, are comfortably met have been the major concerns that he has handled with passion.

His two consecutive wins, though the second one with a reduced majority, demonstrates the rejection of ultra-right-wing politics of discrimination, anti-immigration and fake security concerns. The electoral mandates have restored the confidence in Canadian values of humanism and compassion.

Justin Trudeau’s rise to political leadership has been like that of an ordinary common man. He worked his way to climb that ladder. He was not handed life in politics on a platter as the son of a legendary former prime minister.

His adult life began as a school teacher, snowboard instructor, bouncer in a night club, and playing the role of a war hero in a World War 1 TV drama. These credentials show the traits of a young man trying to gain some space in society.

He also has a tattoo of the Haida nation printed on his arms. He loves ethnic food; his first outing with his date, now his wife Sophie, was to Khyber Pass, an Afghan restaurant in Montreal. He is an ace Bhangra dancer too.

From this simple portfolio, we can see him as a down-to-earth leader with a thoughtful and intelligent approach to run the affairs of the nation.

Trudeau pursues a humanitarian and independent foreign policy not influenced by the big brothers south of the border. This foreign policy puts Canada in its traditional role of no-combat military involvements, but for peaceful missions only.

His domestic liberal policies include: legalizing marijuana, protection of transgender people, reuniting families of immigrants, reinvigorate ethnic cultures and diversities, and bring more diversity in the government. One of the outstanding features of his leadership has been welcoming refugees.

Mr. Trudeau has recognized the right multicultural fabric of Canada. It was also the hallmark of his father’s political life when he declared multiculturalism as the official policy of the Canadian government.

He recognizes the contribution of Canada’s ethnic diversity that makes this nation a genuinely multicultural society of equal opportunities. He has shown his enthusiastic participation in Canadian ethnic and cultural events too.

There is faith in Mr. Trudeau’s ethnic sentiments. And that is the kind of leadership the ethnic communities feel encouraged to see their involvement in Canadian affairs.

-Promod Puri

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