Her identity is biracial

I don’t accept Kamala Harris has to represent herself with Black identity only. Her real identity of being biracial is African-Indian. Her mother was of Tamil origin from South India, and she is through and through Indian.

Cherishing Indian customs, following Hindu rituals of breaking coconuts, and enjoying dosa, sambar and idli, her genome is equally Indian. Then why she plays the Black identity card only?

Tiger Woods called himself “Cablinasian” (a word he made up as a teen to account for his Caucasian, Black, American Indian and Asian heritages). He has not solely identified himself as Black.

If Tiger Wood coined a word to represent his multi backgrounds, Kamala Harris can come up too for her two-tone racial complexion.

Promod Puri

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  1. Let her fight the election as an American. Nothing more, nothing less. “Racism” is a double-edged sword. We, forcefully, are advertising about her Indian-ness, African-ness, black and brown-ness. One day when any white person will dare say such things, there would be “I cannot breathe”. campaign. Also, we are intruding into her privacy – what she does, what she eats, etc. Let us concentrate on issues she raises during her election campaign.

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