By Promod Puri

There is quite a stir in the Congress Party of India following the Sonia Gandhi’s determined resolve not to be its president anymore.

Congress is still the only national Party that can dislodge the demon of BJP and its both political and non-political affiliates, together called the “Parivar.”

Quite a damage has been done to the institution of democracy in India by the Modi brigade at every level of the Indian political, social, economic, educational, and religious grounds. All under seize by the autocratic rule of Modi-Shah.

It is the institutional damage that is a primary cause of concern for the survival and functioning of democracy in India.

Judiciary, election commission, media, and statistics are some of the most operative integrals of democracy, which keep it authoritative, functional, dynamic, and accountable. If any or all these systems are damaged, corrupted, compromised or abused, democracy becomes meaningless or even collapses.

Allegedly, all the democratic fundamentals have been brazenly as well as subtly fiddled with shrewd politics of religious fanaticism, fear, threats, murders, fake police raids, intrusions and influences in the media, obstructions, and interference in the bureaucracy, and deceptive claims of accomplishments.

The autonomous, independent, and credible status of the democratic establishments has been defaced and undermined.

The seventy-three years of the solid foundation of Indian democracy after Independence in 1947 has suddenly become fragile under the current BJP rule.

Whereas the Congress Party is in almost at the lowest ebb in its history of 130 years, it is still the hope of millions of Indians that it can stop the BJP demolition of India’s democracy.

The legacies of Congress governments since Independence have been corrupt, and mismanagement, but the pillars of democracy have always remained intact.

The once-mighty Congress Party certainly gave the country its secular and democratic outlook.

The Party needs to select and elect a new dynamic leader who can revive the dead spirit of the Congress for the survival of democracy in India.

(Promod Puri is a journalist, writer, and author of Hinduism Beyond, Rituals, Customs, And Traditions. Websites:

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