Jagmeet Singh Plugs Fortune Of Sheer As PM

Promod Puri
“We’re not going to support a Conservative government; we’re going to fight a Conservative government; we’re going to fight it all the way. We’re ready to do whatever it takes.”
With that straightforward and definitive statement, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has plugged the fortune of Conservative Party leader becoming the next Prime Minister of Canada, given the neck-to-neck race with the Liberal Party.
As none of the two leading parties are expected to capture the magic number of 170 seats out of 338, Jagmeet Singh’s declared choice to support the Justin Trudeau led Liberal Party is the likely scenario post-election.
Will it be a coalition between the Liberal and the NDP? In that case, Jagmeet Singh or a few others from his party will hold ministerial portfolios. Even the NDP leader could become deputy prime minister, a historic chapter for the South Asian Canadian community.
Another alternative is a minority formation of the government when the NDP will lend the tactical support to various pieces of legislation. The moment that backing is withdrawn, the minority government collapses. Minority governments usually do not last very long because it is hard for the majority partner to keep the minority partner happy all the time. However, this arrangement is working fine so far in British Columbia where the Green Party is supporting the ruling provincial NDP.

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