Andrew Sheer A Leader Without Lifetime Experiences

Can a person get into politics straight after finishing school or college education? And sticks to that as a career. For most politicians, this is not the case. Before entering politics, they had careers in different vocations. This is called lifetime experiences in their professional fields. Moreover, this is of vital help in political pursuits with the background and maturity in public life.

But this has not been the case with Canada’s Progressive Conservative Party leader Andrew Sheer.

His first real job, aside from brief stints as a waiter, insurance broker, and political aide, was a 25-year-old Member of Parliament. In this political career, he moved on to become Speaker of the House at the age of 32.

To be an MP and then the Speaker at a very young age may be a matter of pride for Mr. Sheer. But when he lacks lifetime experiences in public life, the age maturity matters.

-Promod Puri

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