As the starting gun waqueens-park-u100ks fired2015-Swearing-In-Large this week for October 21 election campaign, the ruling Liberal Party and the opposition Conservative Party are running almost neck-to-neck with 34 and 35 percent support respectively, according to the latest poll.

Besides, this close-race pairing, another crucial dual emerging fast, is the 11 percent support for each of the New Democratic Party and the Green Party.

And then there is a new political sneaker this time representing the Far-Right burrows of Canada. The guy is the disgruntled former Conservative, Maxime Bernier, who launched the People’s Party last year. Currently, it is getting three percent approval, according to the poll.

The real race, which is traditional in Canadian power politics, has always been between the Liberal and the Conservative parties. And this time is no different. However, the difference in this election fray is the emergence of the Green Party.

The Green is creating a strong wind to shift the direction of Canadian politics. The party will share the stage with the New Democratic Party in the roles of being the kingmaker. After all, both the NDP and the Green ideologically sit together in the same political carousal. They ride on the environmental issues facing Canada and the world. The difference between the two is only of degree.

How the post-election game will play depends upon how much the supporting parties, i.e. the NDP and the Green, can extract from either of the Liberal or the Conservative to meet their poll promises and ideological commitments.

The post-election arena would be as much exciting as during the entire campaign period. In that excitement, all eyes will be on NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and the Green Party leader Elizabeth May as which side of the seesaw they will sit.

Promod Puri

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