Trip To The Moon: A short story

Moving forward a few decades from now, two friends took their first journey to the moon.

Upon landing on their dream destination, they had their first encounter with a local.

“Welcome to the Moon, where are you guys from.”

“I’m from America, and this friend of mine is from Mexico.”

“Oh! Never heard about these places before.”

Then the Mexican guy interrupted: “actually sir, we are from the earth.”

“That makes sense, enjoy the trip.”

-by Promod Puri


  1. The true story is something different. In fact, there were two Indian politicians already on the Moon. Neil Armstrong enquired, ” Since when you guys are here?” They replied smilingly, ” Since time immemorial. Also, we are planning to scale the Sun soon.” Armstrong was awestruck. “Beware, it is too hot,” he advised. ” Don’t worry. Will land there in the night as per orders from our High Command.” { July 20th was the 50th Moonversary. 1969. In Armstrong’s words, ” That’s one small step for man; one giant step for mankind”. Here is a very good old saying about the Moon. ” Pale Moon does rain, red Moon does blow/snow, white Moon does neither rain nor blow/snow.”

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