1. Certainly, rituals play significant roles. The pathways to divinity are infused with words of morality and ethics, principles and noble deeds. Rituals facilitate the walk. Rituals give symbolic and distinguished shape and complexion to religion, that includes Hinduism too. The portrayal of religion is shaped by its ritualistic conventions. These dedicated practices furnish an identity, a sense of belonging and social unity, vitality, vigor, action, and liveliness to a faith. They establish religious protocols.
    However, the domination of rituals in a religious order produces complexities and enigmas which influence its explicitness and perception.
    Some rituals have rationales, explanations, and acceptable interpretations. But there are others which are meaningless, vague and disconnected. These exhibit indignation, confusion, and even disgrace. Many irrational and bizarre rituals are a deterrent too. When rituals of that nature wrap a religion tenaciously its sanctity is defaced. The track of spirituality is damaged.


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