Kachi kali si nazuk dil mera ….koi sungh ke ainwen marhorh giya..jeeonda rave oh ji sadke ve jehrha laake mohabattan torh (12)

This super hit Punjabi song from film Koday Shah (1953) has been one of my most favorites for a long time. The music by talented Sardul Kwatra is superb. I met Mr. Kwatra many years ago during one of his musical shows in Vancouver. When I praised him for his excellence in composing the music for Koday Shah, he humbly accepted the compliments. The song brilliantly sung by Shamshad Begum was also his favorite. Penned by Verma Malik, the lyrics’ beauty lies in its blessing expression from a deserted lover. She expresses her innocence,” kachi kali si nazuk dil mera” as well as a soft complaint, “koi sungh ke ainwen marhorh giya”, and despite her hurt feelings she voiced her grace “jeeonda rave oh ji sadke ve jehrha laake mohabattan torh giya.” Enjoy the song, you will love it:

-Promod Puri

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