Punjabis have a great sense of humor. And the people from both sides of the border between India and Pakistan share this personality trait as the blood in their veins.

Recently while watching a TV talk show from Lahore, on the serious issue of donkey meat being sold as goat or beef in the country, I couldn’t stop laughing at the remarks of a comedian host joking around this issue as well. Here is how it goes…

After having a delicious meal of Lahori kebobs in a restaurant, the comedian realized that the serving could be made from pure donkey meat. And when it came time to pay the bill, he told the waiter that he did not have the money. He offered instead that he could put some load on his back to carry around. The waiter, being surprised at this unusual offer, said he could not do that. Then came the second offer from the comedian “Ok, since I ate the donkey meat, you can whip me with a cane.”

Keep up the sense of humor Punjabis on both sides of the border. God knows we all need a good laugh these days be it from India or Pakistan.

-by Rita Puri with contribution from Adarsh Sethi.

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