David Sidoo, A Sacrificial Lamb

It is a case of compromising with ethics and risking his own reputation for the sake of securing a good future for his sons.

This could be a sacrifice for the kids, but the laws are blind when decorated businessman and celebrated donor to the University of British Columbia, David Sidoo was arrested in the United States last Friday.

The alleged charge is that Sidoo paid $100,000 in 2011 to have one individual to take the qualifying test in place of his older son for admission to a California University. The scheme worked, and the son got the required marks to the admission.

In another US Justice Dept. indictment, Sidoo paid $100,000 for his younger son to obtain the qualifying score in the US universities.

These are all allegations, with the presumption of his being innocent.

The case confronts with the situation where morality or ethically-wrong- doing poses a dilemma for the father who likes any other parent would do anything for their kids’ future.

But since he is caught, the long arms of the laws have made David Sidoo, a sacrificial lamb.

-by Promod Puri





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