New Year Celebrations And Lonely Folks

While most of us are getting into the joyous mood of New Year eve celebrations in the company of friends and families, some folks are lonely and ending the last few hours of 2018 just being alone.

In the company of their own self, they are away from society, families, and friends in the confines of their situations. Loneliness is not just being physically apart, it can be an emotional state as well.

Fortunately, those who are alone they have company in the tech world of today. Thru the internet and many other gadgets, people are connected all the time worldwide. The latest toy is from Amazon’s where Alexa gives a friendly company with questions from you and her spontaneous answers on topics and queries of both sensible and weird choices.

Home alone with lonely feelings maybe not an issue for many. But there are still those poor souls, not that tech-savvy or forced by their circumstances, who will just let the year slip by and seek hope in the New Year.

Promod Puri

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