Over 56% of Calgarians voted against hosting ’26 Winter Olympics

Over 56% of Calgarians have voted against hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics in a recent poll conducted by the City.

Olympics, especially the Winter Olympics, are elite sports only the rich nations can adequately participate in them hauling most of the medals and at the cost of enormous expense involved in building the facilities. There are other urgent needs where funds are desperately needed for the welfare of the entire society rather than a few athletes and corrupt builders. In that respect, Calgary’s “No” to the 2026 Winter Olympics is a wise choice.

Olympics are highly competitive international sports. For the participating nations, a colossal amount of money and resources are involved in getting into the Olympic fields. Only the wealthy countries can afford the technicalities, related expensive clothing, and gears required to compete effectively in the games. For that reason, these nations pick up the most of the golds, silvers, and bronzes. The rest of the bottom line nations go home with very few medals or none at all. But at the vast cost of just participating. Let the rich countries play among themselves in the Olympics, whereas, the poor and the so-called developing nations spend their limited funds in building more and better sports facilities for the vast majority of their youth population.

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