Honours For LINK Newspaper Founder Promod Puri!

“Promod Puri has stood tall like a lighthouse shedding light, guiding and linking communities within a community without passing personal judgement, prejudice or taking sides. Without fear he has promoted what is just and what is right. He founded The Link Newspaper and served as its Editor for almost three decades. He is a beacon of hope of impartiality for all of us. He was awarded a Journalism Award at the annual Dr. Ambedkar Chetna Award Night 2018 in Vancouver last Saturday. Ashok Bhargava president of Writers International Network introduced Puri by paying a rich tribute to the contribution he has made to the Canadian society at large and South Asia community in particular. His book on Hinduism questions Hindu belief in Manu Samriti. He has a full chapter on relevance of Dr Ambedkar in promoting and protecting human rights of all Indians”.
The Link Newspaper



  1. Congratulations Puri Saheb. You are a Right Choice.

    People who are supposed to follow Dr Ambedkar are in doldrums. He hated Hinduism because of the Caste system.
    It is paradoxical that there is a hiatus on the question of caste amongst the lower castes. They are not ready to mingle among themselves. I came to know about a rule that in the Guru Ravidass Sabha , Burnby Temple, only a particular caste person can become its member. There is an unbridgeable gap among lower castes here.

    It is good thing that they are through various groups trying to spread the legacy of Dr Ambedkar. Chetna Association is one of the prominent among them.

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