“Adarsh Bahu” University Certification

“Adarsh Bahu,” that is not the title of an old Hindi movie or a forthcoming Bollywood release. But it is a newly-introduced three-month study offered by a university in Bhopal, India.
After the completion of the “Adarsh Bahu” curriculum, a certificate will be handed to the “Adarsh” (ideal) graduates.
Unlike most other courses which help in securing jobs, this one, according to the vice chancellor of Bhopal’s Barkatullah University, “will prepare brides who will keep families intact. It is part of the women empowerment”.
Two issues come to mind about the innovative university-level course.
1. Will it be an added qualification for girls which can help the future in-laws in their selection of “Bahus” for their “desirable and reliable” sons, who are often introduced as “boys.” Or without this university qualification if it could be a disqualification, in other words, “rejection.”
2. Besides the “Adarsh Bahu” course with all its good intentions, there is not a simultaneous launch of another program with the title “Adarsh damaad,” meaning ideal bridegroom.
-Promod Puri

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