The Symptom And Cause Theory Of 9/11

It is 9/11 today. The anniversary date of a major terrorist attack on the American soil September 11,2001.

9/11s have happened before and after. These are still occurring all over the globe. It befell on Vietnam, Iraq, and continues in Afghanistan and Syria.

9/11s erupts every now and then in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Call it the culture of gun violence, 9/11s happen several times a year on the American soil too.

They say terrorists carry 9/11s. True.

Regimes are also major players in developing, creating and executing 9/11s. It is a symptom and cause theory as Obama says in a different context.

The symptoms are the frequent 9/11s of different magnitudes. And the cause is the situations created by both the rogue and the so-called civilized governing powers.

9/11 is more than an anniversary date. It is happening all over the world every day.

It is time to identify the cause of 9/11. We very well know its symptoms.

-by Promod Puri

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