India’s Pride And Shame

When India wins gold, silver or bronze by some participants at the Commonwealth Games it becomes a collective pride for the country. And when rapes followed by murders of the rape victims are committed by few beastly members of the society including characterless politicians then these cases are not accepted as collective shame for the nation. –Promod Puri


  1. In one of the oldest civilizations, this is the height of selfishness. Everywhere there is politics; whether it be birth or death, day or night, full stomach or empty one, joy or sadness. No aspect of life is untouched by dirty politics. Chaos all around. God also is incapable to judge who is right and who is wrong.


  2. Nailed it. You said it, Sir. The pit we are in and we don’t see an innocent child but a religious identity. It hurts. Politics has become garbage now when those in power lack the spine to ensure the prevailing of law. Our country is taking a toll!

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