The Jaspal Atwal controversy relating to prime minister Justin Trudeau’s recent visit to India, in reality, is indeed a non-issue from the very beginning. It was in fact created by the Canadian media, led by the CBC. There are three reasons for its generation and development:

1. The Canadian media is sensational,
2. The Canadian media is racist,
3. The Canadian media is immature.

As a result, the prime minister and his accompanying Liberal MPs were caught up in a web of their own political naivety. Moreover, the entire Canadian Sikh community has been brought into focus, and the Khalistan issue is reignited.

If Justin Trudeau would have handled the Atwal controversy as a mature and courageous leader he could have told the media and his critics, “so what, yes, we invited Atwal because he acknowledged his crime, completed the jail term, has not committed any more crime, he like many reformed ex-criminals, has every right to be accepted back into the society, and that he is not an outcast for the rest of his life”.

But it did not occur to Trudeau and his advisors.

While the Canadian media does not realize its ethical responsibility, the communication pundits teaching journalism in Canadian educational institutions are silent to express their expert opinion.

-Promod Puri

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