Democracy Damaged By Political Silence Over Padmavat

Silence is golden!

But in India of today, it is not. Rather it is an epidemic virus which is almost annihilating the very roots of its democracy.

For leaders in power and those who are not, silence is a strategic political tool. Both the ruling and opposition leaders have remained quite tight-lipped in the recent maniacal violence over the film Padmavat.

Silence is a whip which has silenced the top brass of the once mighty Congress. It is also being used against other non-BJP parties.

Silence is generating fear and apathy in all sections of the Indian society. When the Padmavat controversy started brewing a few months ago, apathy could be sensed from the expression “it is all publicity stunt.”

In the midst of politics of silence, there are still many social media and a few daring news and views outlets combating against muzzling and threats from hotheaded vigilante outfits and ‘senas,’ to save the democratic traditions embedded in the constitution of India.

The true spirit of Republic Day celebrations in India can only be realized when silence is not used as a political whip to silence the opposition and the public.

By Promod Puri

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