Jagmeet Singh: New National Hero On Canadian Political Front

By Promod Puri     

He is dynamic. He is bold. He is the inspiration and hope.  He is a man of conviction based on his Sikh beliefs.

His appearance and dressing are guided by his self-confidence rather than from a fashion consultant, which is quite a norm for most political leaders.

He is Jagmeet Singh, the new national hero on Canadian political front.

He is challenging to both racists and the so-called progressives Leftists, as well as to the dirt-digging media.

The Canadian media and most political commentators are only narrowing him down as a political challenge to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s youthful and progressive leadership. But we need to go beyond that.

Although both are fighting against each other on political fronts, the dynamics both are creating is a landscape which syncs well with the multiracial, multicultural nature and spirit of Canada.

Together both are channeling the Canadian politics in a direction which can generate some fatal blows to the Conservatives and their Alt Right ideologies.

With the election of Jagmeet Singh as the national leader of the New Democratic Party, Canada seems to be much more progressive and politically mature than most democratic countries including the USA. promodpuri.com

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