Trump’s Explosive Tone Dangerous For World Peace

The United Nations is not necessarily a decision-making body, but a meeting place of supposed to be of knowledgeable people sharing their knowledge with other knowledgeable people to create understanding, and more specifically to establish trust among themselves.
But when president Trump made his inaugural speech at the UN past week all norms of civility were tossed, and the world body was indeed rattled where objectives of understanding and trust were lost in the din of his loaded provocation which is dangerous to the world peace.
-Promod Puri

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  1. Of course, the situation is grave. There is no harm in letting the UN (world) know that enough is enough. Time has come to settle the issue. It is not between the US and the DPRK ( Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) but a great concern for all the nations. Can the UN find a solution? Are really intelligent diplomats sitting in the UN? The Korean War ended in 1953. but there is no Peace Treaty so far. There is an Armistice. Armed Forces are facing each other even today. The countries involved in that War are still at War. First of all, let there be negotiations for a Peace Treaty. Let the Forces be withdrawn. Damages to the involved parties are settled. Let us ask DPRK (North Korea) what she needs. The main involvement is of US, Russia, China, South Korea, Japan and DPRK. The whole world is watching as a stand-by. The International Sanctions have brought the masses in North Korea at the verge of death. Is the nuclearisation the whole issue? Or there are other vested interests for hegemony/geopolitics? Negotiations in the right earnest are the only solution. When issues of two Vietnams and Germanies be settled, why not of two Koreas. Otherwise: violence begets violence and hate begets hate. The famous slogan- ” Workers of the world, you have nothing to lose.” North Korea has nothing to lose, but the world has.


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