They say silence is golden. And Obama is collecting a lot of gold these days after he was done with the US presidency. Is there a strategical reason for him to be quite on major issues? In the politics of silence, which is now a common practice among many world politicians, Modi of India excels in that, there is always some game plan or reason not be get involved. In the case of Obama, perhaps his rationale is, if he speaks out on an issue, the Republicans for the party’s solidarity sake will align more towards Trump. Isolating Trump from his party could be Obama’s strategy in the politics of silence.

Promod Puri


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  1. Keeping silence on any issue is half acceptance. Acceptance is a positive trait liked by everybody in comparison to negation. The phrase ‘ half glass full’ is quite in vogue these days. On some occasions, silence also speaks. Under the American system, Obama has done his politics (bygone). To me, if he speaks, it will be apolitical. In Indian system, the politics is of the ‘bygones’ and for the ‘bygones’. Some are made ‘bygones’. What else the PM can say except ” Violence will not be tolerated on the ground of Aastha.”


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