What Is Education’s Fundamental Mission

Education over the years is mostly geared towards fitting into the labour sector and securing jobs. This is called the industrial model of education. Here is a brief quote on the subject by Steven Fesmire, professor of philosophy, Middlebury College, USA, from his essay in the Conversation.

“Rather than educating whole persons for lifelong growth, this “industrial model” treats education as just another sector of the economy. In this view, education’s job is to manufacture skilled labor, and it’s expected to do so in a way that’s maximally efficient. Knowledge is seen as a market commodity, teachers and professors are delivery vehicles for knowledge content and students are either consumers or manufactured products.

Educational institutions that follow the industrial model are seen as marketplaces for acquiring and delivering content. And when tuition is involved, that’s simply the fair price for accessing that content”.


  1. Steven Fesmire’s statement may be half truth. Education turns mirrors into windows and also, Ignorance is the root cause of all evils. Education cannot be limited to 3Rs only. The sphere of education is unlimited. A child learns to eat, crawl, stand and walk. As grown up he learns anything under the sun. Education is power as well as wealth. ” Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself” – John Dewey


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