Positive Attitude Helps Beat Cancer

20292990_10154759466483016_8756093436878505998_nMeeting Ashok Bhargava,on right, after a couple of months was like welcoming a combating soldier returning home from a winning battle.
Ashok, a long-time friend, is back on the track of his active and scholarly life after going thru several chemos for the treatment of his lymph cancer. Whereas, the doctors attending on him had their own tools and expertise to handle an army of cancerous cells, Ashok’s only weapons to defeat the dreadful attacker were his extremely positive attitude along with pleasant and charming nature.
Ashok is a writer and poet par excellence both in Hindi and English. He is also an avid photographer where nature is his favorite subject. A progressive thinker with utmost faith in the power of God, he spent most his lonely moments during extremely painful treatments with Him, as well with his own positive company which he says was a “learning experience” too.
It was indeed an inspiring get-together at the McDonald over coffee and muffins, which he seldom allows me to buy.

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