Rationality, humanism and compassion with liberal, secular and progressive preferences are the basis of the readings covered by promodpuri.com
The world we are living in is politically divided between the Left and Right ideologies governing or misgoverning the nations as well as nurturing the fascists and dictatorial regimes. Our perceptions of issues and concerns are influenced and even corrupted by the lack of morality we often witness in the practicality of these ideologies.

This website seeks a non-partisan ground based on conscious purity of thoughts and actions, ethics and moral, justice and human rights toward fellow human beings and our environments. It seeks guidance, not from the rituals, but from the spiritual wisdom offered by most world religions.

We human beings, along with animals, plants, mountains, rivers, seas and everything visible and non-visible in this shared universe, are all inter-related and inter-dependent to each other. This is the connectivity we seek here on this website.

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