Apology From Govt. of Canada

“Today, we are announcing that the government of Canada has reached a settlement with Mr. Omar Khadr, bringing this civil case to a close,
“On behalf of the government of Canada, we wish to apologize to Mr. Khadr for any role Canadian officials may have played in relation to his ordeal abroad and any resulting harm”.

Along with the apology Khadr received a compensation of $10.5 million for the torture he faced in the notorious Guantanamo jail starting at the young age of 15.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal govt. deserves praise for this bold and principled step based on Canadian values for justice and rule of law which were shamefully traded with racist and ultra conservative stand by the Conservative Harper government.

Congratulations to the team of lawyers for successfully handling the Khadr case, which sure will get some space in the contemporary history of Canada loaded with prejudice and hatred. promodpuri.com

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