In recent weeks, there has been one major terrorist attack in Afghanistan where over 150 people died, and two such strikes in Britain killing innocent people. The terror surge is continuing, rather escalating over the years. The question is how far governments and security forces can go to protect their citizens. Every available procedures, technologies, and laws have been in force to their maximum levels at the cost of sacrificing basic civic liberties with the willing cooperation of citizens. Intelligence agencies are applying more sophistication and strategies to forewarn about the attacks. But failing most of the time. Seeking the root cause(s), mostly political and religious, is the only way out of this terror crisis. Otherwise, the situation keeps on worsening while leaders keep on delivering their big talks but no intelligent actions.


  1. The issue was the lack of surveillance and gap somewhere despite sophisticated devices, Sir. There have been lapses and time for countries to update their technology to match up to the terrorists. On another count, I feel it’s sad that an enture community has to come forward as a result of wrongdoings of a handful bad guys.


    1. It is not,dear Vishal, lack of surveillance or gaps somewhere of devices or intelligence agencies reports which are failing. The fact is terrorists have many targets to attack while those in defense (security forces) have limitations. No matter how advanced the systems are in place at the cost of disturbing the lives of people and their personal freedoms, terrorists are always finding ways to come up with their own ways to carry on with their agenda. Identifying the root causes of terrorism and accepting them by the nations, particularly the USA, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and followed by intelligent and sincere talks that the world most likely will be able to tackle the menace of terrorism. Otherwise the victims are and will be the common folks, while the leaders or those in power are always protected by the special security privileges.

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