Significance of Om

It is indeed a subject of astronomical acceptance that from the very sound frequencies of Om the building blocks of the universe are evolved

The myriad journey of Hindu divinity begins with a simple and pure sound of Om.

Om is also spelt as Aum with subtle phonetic articulation.

As per Hindu spiritual thinking, Om is considered to be the primordial sound introduced in this universe and perhaps in the whole celestial world.

The reasons for its production and its introduction on cosmic scale are part of the God’s ‘lila’ or play responsible for creating this eternal resonance. And that marks the beginning of cosmic creation including the cause of the universe.

Besides being the sound, Om is considered to be the very basis of all that constitutes the universe including life and matter. Thru metaphysical theorization which can be numinous, Hinduism cognized the sound to create the contents of the universe.

The unique symbol of Om occupies the foremost spot in the Hindu iconography. It is a spiritual icon. It is not merely a “tool” for meditations or for contemplating on mantras, but the syllable invokes cosmic presence in them.

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