Manusmriti And Violation Of Human Rights

“The methodology involved in science, including the social sciences, for logical argument and rational proof when adopted by religion helps it to seek sense and truth. It stimulates and encourages debate, protest, amendments and even deletions of those doctrines or beliefs which are senseless, derogatory and far from truth.

Although, it is a utopian attempt for an extensive tune-up of a religious vehicle for spiritual journey, but the passenger has the right for a meaningful ride without nuisances.

In this context let us drive in an area of Hindu theology which is a scene of outrageous violation of human rights especially in the midst of present-day democratic and liberal choices of rationalities.

The case in study is the controversial Hindu “law book” known as Manusmriti with disputed date of its antiqued origin. Its authorship is ascribed to ‘seer’ Manu, a mystical jurist, who claimed Manusmriti’s contents were the direct revelations from Brahma, the god. Thus he got the Manusmriti sanctified”.