President Donald Trump On The Phone With…….

Trump: Yes, yes Warren, it is me, Donald Trump, the President of the Untied States of America.

Warren: Oh, thank you Mr. President for attending to my phone call. I was just wondering how it is going so far.

Trump: Things should be going smooth soon. A pile of files is sitting on the presidential desk. My temperament is not used to reading. All my life I worked with my gut feelings. And that is the culture I want to introduce here in the White House.

Warren: That is going to be tough……

Trump: Not really Warren, it is going to be my way or the highway. I am a tough guy.

Warren: What are your immediate priorities.

Trump: Well, of all the promises I made during my hard won campaign the first one on my list is to build the Mexican Wall. I am earnestly working on this big project. This morning while I am talking to you Warren, I am waiting for the contractor, a Mexican guy, to give me the estimations. But he has not showed up yet.

Warren: Can you shed some light on this controversial proposal, as many people on both sides of the border ridiculed your fancy.

Trump: It was a political stunt to please my innocent and committed worshippers. It was not meant to secure the border with Mexico either. The reason for putting forward this game plan was purely business.

Warren: But how it can be a business venture.

Trump: You see Warren, millions of people visit the Great Wall of China every year. And that is from where I picked up the idea. My wall will be much more grandeur in size and architecture. It will be number one tourist attraction in the world. I have built replica of Taj Mahal. But this one will be the real thing.

Warren: It involves billions or perhaps trillions of dollars. From where the money will come from.

Trump: Come on Warren, you know I am a great salesman, and with my charismatic personality investors worldwide will lineup in front of the White House to avail this great opportunity. Moreover, I will be looking for sponsors and advertisers who can buy space to promote their products and services. The space here is unlimited, running into thousands of miles from Pacific to the Atlantic.

Warren: You are genius. Can I reserve spaces.

Trump: Sure, no problem, but first drop by at the White House, and teach me how to play the card game of bridge. I understand it is a team play.

Warren: Yes it is. But you can still learn.

Trump: Goodbye.

Ivana Trump: Wake up Donald, it is getting late to hit the campaign trail.

Trump: Good morning honey. I was in my dream house, I mean the White House.

-By Promod Puri