Grouse Grind Meditation


Grouse Grind Meditation/ as posted in Tripadvisor

Climbing the 2.9 km steep Grouse Grind mountainous hike in North Vancouver, BC, beside a strenuous workout on ” Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”, is also a sort of kinetic meditation of about 90 minutes. The focus has to be on the uneven steps and the rough ground underneath leading up to the top of the popular Grouse Mountain. The grueling experience when over gives a exhilarating feeling of like conquering Mt. Everest. It is one activity which remains as one of the highlights of summer in Vancouver.
The “grind” has got some needed renovation. The slippery or worn out steps are now bordered by sturdy logs. And there are more ropes and nets to hold on for better safety. These repairs and improvements make climbing safer and little easier, especially on the knees. But these upgrading costs the Grind enthusiasts to pay for the hitherto free parking as for the first time pay parking meters have been installed in the parking lot.