An Overview of the American Election Scene

Following the American election is like watching a live theatrical performance of wit and idiocy.

The ongoing show besides its elements of great entertainment and fuel for discussion, reveals the left-right extremes of current American political thinking and behavior.

No doubt the most colorful and watched character in this spectacle is Donald Trump who impulsively spits out his unscripted discourses the moment these are created in his narcissist egghead workshop.

The stupidity of Trump-level scripts is his big asset. He sure does a good job in creating the scenarios which are scary when introduced, but often laughable and entertaining as the show continues.

Without Donald Trump in his natural performances the entire episode of this 2016 edition of American election scene would be bland and unnoticed. He certainly has outperformed all others by creating and controlling the stage agenda.

Trump is proud of his management skills both as a businessman and of his personal life, including managing his ruffled hairs. His confidence in his seemingly irrational logics have produced some original proposals as for as safety and security of American public is concerned. Great Wall of America would be one of the most popular legacies of Trump even if it remains as his cherished dream. And his tirade to keep out Muslims will follow him like a shadow long after the election is over.

Another roadside show of the USA election is all about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. She is getting impatient with her competitor as when he will move his food truck, which is drawing more customers than expected, so that she prepares for the final bout in the upcoming grand finally in November.

(Credit: the food truck idea borrowed from a recent cartoon with its political pun of US election scene).

Promod Puri is the author of recently released book “Hinduism beyond rituals,customs and traditions”.

By Promod Puri