Yun naa reh reh kar hamein tarsaaiye

Heyrat se tak rahaay hain jahane wafaa mujhe

These two ghazals often pop up in my listening pleasure, and I get mesmerized by the voice of a very young talent known as Master Madan. He was only 15 when he died but left his rich classic voice behind for eternity.

During his short lifespan, he might have sung many songs in different Indian classical or semi-classical formations, but only eight songs got recorded.

There exists a controversy about his death that older competing singers were jealous of the rising popularity that they poisoned him with mercury in a glass of milk. Others say he just died of pneumonia while travelling to perform in Calcutta.

Master Madan was a child prodigy who started singing at seven. He was born December 28, 1927, in the village of Khan Khana near Jalandhar, Punjab. He died in Shimla on June 5, 1942. His untimely demise was a significant loss to the Indian vocal music, but thanks to the recording, we can recall his sweet voice with mastery in ghazal rendering.

-Promod Puri

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