When a superstar of Punjabi music performs in Vancouver, it is more than an event of songs and Bhangra entertainment. And more than a celebration of Punjabi culture.

The sold-out Diljit Dosanjh concert on June 19 at the 18,000-seat capacity Rogers Arena had an audience dominated by young fans.

Many of them were born or raised in Canada with little or no understanding of the Punjabi language. But music was the bridge to enjoy and immerse themselves in Punjabi through hours of entertainment.

For many, the urge to read and speak frequent Punjabi, the language their cultural roots belong, thus gets forged.

Music indeed plays its role in enhancing Canada’s multicultural and multilinguistic aspects, and Punjabi is part of these identifications.

Through these musical concerts, learning and speaking Punjabi get a real boost in contributing to the Canadian cultural and linguistic mosaic besides helping in creating generations of Punjabi-speaking Canadians.  

-Promod Puri    


  1. sounds exciting exposure of Hinduism – a genuine look into true Hinduism – a way of life that separates it from the dogmatic religious rituals and trash often identifies as a religion. Noblest view of life unspoiled by the dead wood of rites and rituals. Spirit that prevailed in the lives of our ancestors for centuries in peace and harmony of mind, body and soul in fines colors of society.

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  2. Thanks for your comments highlighting the spirited values in Hinduism. In fact, all religions share the same values, but these get wrapped in rituals and customs.


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