Does Religion Has Its Role In Politics

Whereas rituals, customs, and traditions furnish symbolic and distinctive identity to religion, the pathways to the divinity which are paved with morals and ethics, are often debased by its despicable ceremonial rites and practices. It is in this context that the contemporary and progressive political ideologies disdain religion. Its nature is customarily interpreted thru inherent ritualistic practices rather than its doctrines of ethics and noble thoughts. Read more in my essay (7 minutes) on this issue. -Promod Puri Continue reading Does Religion Has Its Role In Politics

Niqab, Burqa And Myanmar Rohingya Refugees

Whereas, Rohingya Muslims refugees from Myanmar, over half a million in number, are battling terror, exhaustion, and hunger in Bangladesh, here in Canada Muslim-right women, with the support of so-called anti-racist progressive activists, and vote-hungry opportunist politicians, are battling to save their right to wear burqa and niqab as against the upcoming ban in Quebec. Humanism demands that women combating to retain their burqas and niqabs to protect their social or religious traditions and cultural identities, should move their curtains and look at the crisis and sufferings faced by fellow Muslims who are being kicked out from their homeland by … Continue reading Niqab, Burqa And Myanmar Rohingya Refugees

Hinduism Thrives In Its Open Structure

By Promod Puri Hinduism is a wide-open structure. It is an abode where believers in God, atheists, and ethicists can comfortably reside together and share their knowledge, beliefs, and experiences for the betterment of humanity and its environments. Hinduism evolves by itself in its conflicting, contradicting, and controversial framework. In its spacious design and architecture, Hinduism is open for questioning, debate, and discussion Hinduism has never been run by any centralized religious authority. As such it has evolved its own flexible, resilient, and even firm dynamics along with rationales, metaphysical and mystical beliefs which are not binding. From rituals to … Continue reading Hinduism Thrives In Its Open Structure


One of the most outstanding and contemplating icons of Hinduism is the worship of murtis (idols). The Divine Spirit is perceived in an image. In this perceptive role murtis are an integral part of Hindu institutions and traditions. In its colorful and expressive craftmanship, a murti is an adorable symbol of identity in Hindu iconology. From an object of worship, a murti becomes divinity in itself. The Lord is in the idol too. Idolatry establishes a direct one-to-one relationship between a devotee and the divinity. And in that connection, a dialogue is possible when the mind of an Upasak (devotee) is earnestly invoked … Continue reading WHY IDOL WORSHIPPING IN HINDUISM

Burqa And Women Health

Women wearing burqa from head to toe should not do so for health reasons as it deprives them absorbing vitamin D, essential for bones and general health. This essential vitamin is only available from sun rays, and in winter months that supply is limited. Burqa-ban governments should use the Noble prize winner economist 2017 advice of “nudging” when introducing such a ban which has some reasoning rather than politics. Nudging means persuasion thru education. Studies have shown nudging works better than compulsions. Continue reading Burqa And Women Health

Cashless Society Can Be Catastrophic When Electricity, Networks, Security Fail

Excerpts from an essay in the Conversation by Jay L. Zagorsky Economist and Research Scientist, The Ohio State University A cashless society that solely uses credit cards, debit cards and electronic transfers is dependent on a complex network to replace physical money. This network requires three things to work all the time. First, there always has to be electricity to power the computers and network storage. Second, communication between all parts of the network needs to be available. Finally, the network has to be secure, so only authorized money transactions occur. Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated Puerto Rico in September. Many weeks later, less … Continue reading Cashless Society Can Be Catastrophic When Electricity, Networks, Security Fail

Diwali Mubarak Message To Canada’s PM

Dear Hon. Prime Minister Trudeau: In celebration of the popular Indian festival of lights, I also wish you, Diwali Mubarak. Your selection of Diwali Mubarak expression in your tweet is my choice as well. I noticed that some people tweeted and objected to your use of the word ‘Mubarak’, asserting that it is not a Hindu expression, but a Muslim one as being Arabic in its origin. Please ignore these scant individuals. Diwali is not only the festival of Hindus but Sikhs also. And ‘Mubarak’, meaning congratulations, is the most common word by the people, including Punjabis, from the northern part of … Continue reading Diwali Mubarak Message To Canada’s PM


DIWALI MUBARAK is my choice of greetings on the happy occasion of Diwali, the universal festival of lights. In the picture Canada’s  prime minister Justin Trudeau lighting the traditional Diwali lamp along with India’s High Commissioner Vikas Swarup and members of the Indo-Canadian community in Ottawa October 16, 2017.  The prime minister in his tweet greeted Canadians “Diwali Mubarak”. “In the secular and progressive spirit of Hinduism, Diwali is the voluminous festival of celebrations. Inspired by the epic drama Ramayan, Diwali is a celebration of good over evil, and forces of light over darkness. It is a celebration of relationship, support … Continue reading DIWALI MUBARAK

Networking Is Not A New Concept

Networking is not a new concept, but has been practised for hundreds of years. But historians did not recognise it. It was networking by great leaders, saints or gurus within a select group of people who otherwise were called “followers”, to spread ideas and messages. These are excerpts from an article from my fellow blog follower “Wolfe Review“: I listened to a talk by Niall Ferguson on Intelligence Squared about his new book. In his new book, he intends to discuss hidden, or as yet uncovered networks throughout history. There were a few rather interesting take-away points I wish to … Continue reading Networking Is Not A New Concept

The spirit of Jammu In Revolutionary Martyr Udham Singh

By Promod Puri One of my Facebook friends’ last name is Jammu. It intrigues me little as that is the name of the city in the state of Jammu and Kashmir known for its beauty as well as the still unresolved “Kashmir Problem”. My FB friend, in fact, belongs to Patiala in Punjab, and now he seems to be settled in Canada. In his introduction, he told me he had never been to Jammu, the city to which I belong. In our brief communication, he said the family name Jammu is very rare among the numerous last names in the … Continue reading The spirit of Jammu In Revolutionary Martyr Udham Singh

BJP’s Strategies In India’s Politics Of Caste

Maratha Kranti Morcha, a rallye for Marathi castes demanding respect of their rights in Mumbai last year. Mhidanesh/Wikimedia, CC BY-NC-SA Afroz Alam, Maulana Azad National Urdu University India is still not able to do away with its caste politics as demonstrated by recent attacks on members of lower caste in south-western state of Gujarat during a festival. Yet Narendra Modi’s ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) is making a dramatic effort to woo such lower castes. Three of these are especially important: reviewing social justice schemes, revisiting job reservations, and the sub-categorisation of lower castes. These measures will eventually deepen India’s … Continue reading BJP’s Strategies In India’s Politics Of Caste

Jagmeet Singh: New National Hero On Canadian Political Front

By Promod Puri      He is dynamic. He is bold. He is the inspiration and hope.  He is a man of conviction based on his Sikh beliefs. His appearance and dressing are guided by his self-confidence rather than from a fashion consultant, which is quite a norm for most political leaders. He is Jagmeet Singh, the new national hero on Canadian political front. He is challenging to both racists and the so-called progressives Leftists, as well as to the dirt-digging media. The Canadian media and most political commentators are only narrowing him down as a political challenge to Prime … Continue reading Jagmeet Singh: New National Hero On Canadian Political Front

Canadians ask: “is it safe to go to USA”

By Promod Puri Let me first position myself as if I were present at the Las Vegas country music show on the night of October 1st. Although, I am not a concert-going enthusiast, but I could join with the joyous music lovers attending the Route 91 musical festival. It was like a celebration, and when the crowd heard some “fireworks”, they thought it was part of the event. No, it was not. Perched up at the adjacent Mandalay Bay Hotel, a “lone-wolf”, Stephen Paddock, from his room window started shooting indiscriminately down the concert crowd of over 22,000 people. Within … Continue reading Canadians ask: “is it safe to go to USA”