My name is Promod Puri. I am the main contributor and editor of this website along with two other websites progressivehindudialogue.com and promodpuri.blogspot.com

I reside in Vancouver, Canada. My professional background is journalism. I did my graduation in journalism from the Panjab University in Chandigarh, India. Working for couple of newspapers in Delhi was my early stints in the media before moving to Canada in 1972.

I started The Link newspaper in 1973 from Winnipeg, Manitoba, besides working as editor of Native Canadian newspaper, The New Nation. In 1978, I moved to Vancouver, BC, and continued with The Link as its publisher and editor. After over 30 years of active journalism career and association with The Link I took retirement in early 2000.

Retaining my writing instinct with more passion is part of my retirement life.

Rationality, humanism and compassion with liberal, secular and progressive preferences are the basis of the readings covered by promodpuri.com

The world we are living in is politically divided between the Left and Right ideologies that govern or misgovern the nations as well as nurturing the fascists and dictatorial regimes. Our perceptions of issues and concerns are influenced and even corrupted by the lack of morality we often witness in the practicality of these ideologies.

Promodpuri.com seeks a non-partisan ground based on conscious purity of thoughts and actions, ethics and moral, justice and human rights toward fellow human beings and our environments. It seeks guidance, not from the rituals, but from the spiritual wisdom offered by most world religions.

We human beings, along with animals, plants, mountains, rivers, seas and everything visible and non-visible in this shared universe, are all interrelated and interdependent to each other. This is the connectivity we seek here on promodpuri.com.

In this pursuit of universal connectivity, Hinduism has been the subject of my observation and study as it offers depth and vastness touching every aspect of human endeavors.

My book “Hinduism Beyond Rituals, Customs And Traditions” is the result of this quest. The fundamentals of Hinduism are liberal, secular and diverse. Hinduism is a democracy of conflicting, contradicting and controversial thoughts and philosophies.

This website along with progressivehindudialogue.com and promodpuri.blogspot.com, besides covering a range of subjects from politics to religion, social and human interest, is dedicated to “Hinduism Beyond Rituals, Customs And Traditions”.

I am sure the knowledge and intellect offered by this site make interesting and stimulating reading. After all thoughtful deliberation is entertaining too.

Enjoy the web.