By Vishal Bheeroo

Religion is the opium of the people, Karl Marx said. Since times immemorial, various school of thoughts debated on the role religion plays in our lives to strengthen order and unify society rather than being a divisive force. Author Promod Puri’s book ‘Hinduism beyond Rituals, Customs and Traditions’ doesn’t pose as mere religious tokenism but is a real, honest attempt to analyze our fundamental values and the relevance of Hindu culture in the modern age. Read More

Aditi Garg, Tribune India

Some say Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world and one that is still widely followed. Others say it is more than a religion, a way of life, as those following other religions also practice yoga in one form or the other. It is not just about one God or a set of adherents that bind followers, rather it has evolved over the years and encompasses within its ambit everything from financial guidance to health concerns to familial issues. Read More

By Acharya S.P.Dwivedi

President Global Hindu Foundation

Promod Puri is a distinguished Canada-based South Asian journalist and prolific essayist. In his book- “Hinduism…..” he tried to cover the historical evolution of Hindu dharma and its major philosophies, theistic doctrines, social codes, rituals and practices. Read Full Review

By Naveen Gopal
Vice President Pacifica Partners Financial Services
Most of us who grew up practicing Hinduism in our daily lives often understand the religion through rituals (poojas), mantras, stories (like the Ramayan) and a series of rules and obligations. We often wonder how we’d teach these customs to our kids in the age of social media, selfies and the internet.
Hinduism has a reputation for being vast, democratic and multi-faceted, and this book does an excellent job of boiling it down, helping the reader understand its philosophy, where it came from and why it relevant today, especially in this age of awareness.
The book explores the history and evolution of the religion and also importantly discusses who influenced the religion, both good and bad. Some philosophers encouraged scientific curiosity and rational thought, while others (for example) sought to divide its followers by advocating the caste system. It discusses science, karma and yoga, and helps shed light on how to apply its ancient wisdom today.
Ultimately the book is a detailed but concise overview of a very dense and complicated topic, and the reader is left encouraged to look deeper into the parts of Hinduism that interests them the most. It does require the reader to focus and pay attention, and a dictionary might be useful too. I found myself rewarded with a greater awareness of its relevance and a sense of how I might apply the thinking in my own life.

The principal idea pursued by Promod Puri’s is to explore meaning of the term ‘Hinduism’ and thereby to understand the Hindu identity in a wide-open structure both traditionally and in the modern world. Read Full Review

By James Masters

The way he writes and puts it all together is very educational, eye-opening, and ultimately transformative. This book, “Hinduism: Beyond Rituals. Customs and Traditions” by Promod Puri was actually far more interesting… Read Full Review

 By Essie Harmon

I think anyone who wants to learn more about Hinduism, or just being inspired to expand their level of awareness of the religion that so many follow, they should definitely read this book. I was very impressed by the high quality writing and research that went into this book, “Hinduism-Beyond Rituals, Customs, and Traditions” by Promod Puri. Read Full Review