The ongoing tragedies caused By humans do not get, from most, A line in the poetry of poets, A page in the writings of writers, A focus in the meditation of meditators A reflection from saints or preachers A discern from political scientists A statement from film heroes. And all the educated professionals Who are mum, While human catastrophes pass by Only with the apathetic And callous remark “This is all politics.” -Promod Puri Continue reading I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHEN

The Home Of Indian Muslims Has Always Been India, And Will Always Be India

HERE ARE THE “PAPERS” By Promod Puri As the thought of writing this piece cropped up, I was reminded of an old Hindi film song penned by Sahir Ludhianvi: “jayen toh jayen kahan, samje-ga kaun yahan, dard bare dil ki zuban, jayen toh jayen kahan…”. Translation: “Where! Where shall we go, who would understand here, the cries from the minds full of pains.” And that is precisely the plight of Muslims in India. “Go to Pakistan,” “send them to Pakistan,” are the xenophobic cracks that are often being hurled against them by the neo-nationalistic extreme Hindu fanatics. And most of … Continue reading The Home Of Indian Muslims Has Always Been India, And Will Always Be India


In the company of two An ambiance of Warm serenity. Joys and thrills In its rains and shines, Hikes and walks. Afternoon coffee at McDonald, And across the street Sharing a bowl of congee. Blissful, simple pleasures In rapt passions of Charms and cheers. In this concert Life is a celebration, Together. Promod & Rita (In celebration of our anniversary) Continue reading TOGETHER: