Although most world media has put it on the back burner, the Ukraine-Russia war has been fiery since February.

Who is winning?

Is it Russia, Ukraine, both, neither of the two?

But both sides claim the ultimate success. For Russia, the win means the defeat of Ukraine, and for the latter, liberating its entire territory, including Crimea annexed by Russia in 2014.

How many soldiers get killed on both sides? Ukraine says it loses 30 per day, and Russia acknowledged a loss of 1351 troops since it initiated the war. But the figures are way up.

The bloody fight will continue since Russia has the manpower and firepower, while Ukraine draws its strength from the committed military support from the West.

Do the sanctions against Russia work to influence the end of the fighting?

So far, it has not produced a slight dent in Putin’s resolve to continue the bloodshed. Instead, the sanctions have significantly contributed to high food prices and inflation worldwide. Moreover, Europe is scrambling about how it would cope with winter without the Russian oil.

Ukraine leader Zelenskyy may be the western world hero. The man in the olive shirt shows his combative mood in the name of defence and democracy. At the same time, Putin is in his wild and idiotic mind about the fear of possible NATO ties.

In terms of the stated goals of Russia and Ukraine, the hope for victory would drag on while it involves the killings of thousands on both sides, along with increasing daily civilian deaths and destruction.

Demonizing Putin and glorifying Zelenskyy would not help end the horrors of war.

-Promod Puri


  1. The problem seems to be NATO. Canada’s upped it contributions as have half the western nations. Once virtually discredited, NATO is a cover for US foreign policy esp.
    increasing arms production and sales due to “wars”

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