How often we use the dishwasher? Quite regularly, frequently, occasionally, or very rarely. Perhaps never. Is the dishwasher use a cultural thing, or do we want to exercise some water and energy saving? Some of us in the immigrant communities prefer washing dishes by hand and then letting them dry out with natural air or wipe with a kitchen towel.

And what about the oven, built-in under the top burners. Does our cooking demand its frequent use to bake bread, make lasagna, casserole, etc.? Or we simply use it to store pots and pans?

Then there is another item. It is a big, long bathtub. I know I have never used it for its intended purpose to lie down and sink myself in the warm bubbly-soap water. Ever since its installation in our master bathroom, I stand there for my shower bath, while always careful it is a slippery hazard. But we got it in the first place when nobody in the family uses it either.

And for that matter, how about the “showcase kitchen” facing the dining and living room of most contemporary home designs. Never been used, or very rarely, to warm up dishes. The working kitchen, which is much smaller, is where ladies do all their culinary activities, and men help wash the dishes.

And the dishwasher is still empty, sitting calmly and without its disturbing noise.

-Promod Puri

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