The Home Of Indian Muslims Has Always Been India, And Will Always Be India

HERE ARE THE “PAPERS” By Promod Puri As the thought of writing this piece cropped up, I was reminded of an old Hindi film song penned by Sahir Ludhianvi: “jayen toh jayen kahan, samje-ga kaun yahan, dard bare dil ki zuban, jayen toh jayen kahan…”. Translation: “Where! Where shall we go, who would understand here, the cries from the minds full of pains.” And that is precisely the plight of Muslims in India. “Go to Pakistan,” “send them to Pakistan,” are the xenophobic cracks that are often being hurled against them by the neo-nationalistic extreme Hindu fanatics. And most of … Continue reading The Home Of Indian Muslims Has Always Been India, And Will Always Be India


By Promod Puri Distorted, false, or unrealistic information twist our thinking. As of result, our perceptions are flawed. Endeavoring for the true nature of things helps brain circuits to function naturally in the evolution of a sound and conscientious or attentive mind. Human brains are built for sophisticated and complex activity. It is in this role and treatment that logical and well-grounded thinking can be fostered. In addition to that, our simple thinking processes play a significant role in invigorated and stimulating brain functioning. These simple functions involve self-discerning and grasping of ordinary tasks and their executions. In the contemporary … Continue reading MINDSET IS NOT A FLEXIBLE ATTITUDE, but it can be


In the company of two An ambiance of Warm serenity. Joys and thrills In its rains and shines, Hikes and walks. Afternoon coffee at McDonald, And across the street Sharing a bowl of congee. Blissful, simple pleasures In rapt passions of Charms and cheers. In this concert Life is a celebration, Together. Promod & Rita (In celebration of our anniversary) Continue reading TOGETHER:

Satnam Waheguru: Both A Prayer And Mantra

By Promod Puri “Satnam Waheguru,” two simple words of profound spiritual significance. A companion in solitude, Satnam Waheguru, where the universal truth of His wonders is accepted with utmost reverence. And that adoration becomes a prayer, Satnam Waheguru, Satnam Waheguru…. ‘Sat’ stands for Truth, ‘Nam’ identifies that Truth. ‘Wahe’ is a feel of ‘wow’ moment, an exclamation of the divine Wonder. Guru is interpreted here as the path that leads us from darkness to light. It is the journey towards truth and enlightenment. Satnam Waheguru is a pragmatic or logical approach towards the understanding of God, rather than worshipping Him … Continue reading Satnam Waheguru: Both A Prayer And Mantra


While the Lathi-raj, enforced by the police and goons, is in full swing, the BJP bhagats are kept ignorant and brainwashed that everything is normal, India is progressing, and going to the moon. For most of the Hindu population, especially in urban middle or upper-middle-class, there is insensitivity towards the seriousness of the new anti-minority Citizenship Act, that deprives the citizenship to “undocumented citizens.” Their consciousness can’t hear the nationwide protests against the discriminatory law. They are not sitting on the fence. Instead, they have boxed themselves in fear and apathy. That is the sorry state of India today. -By … Continue reading INDIA TODAY

Radical Changes In India’s Secularism Thru New Citizenship Act

Protests have engulfed Assam since the National Register of Citizens was published in August 2019. They have intensified since the Citizenship Amendment Act was passed by the parliament. Central security forces, pictured here, have been sent in to repress the spontaneous protests by different citizens groups. (Arunabh Saikia), Author provided Sara Shneiderman, University of British Columbia and Sahana Ghosh, Brown University Nearly two million residents of India’s eastern state of Assam are at risk of losing citizenship. The National Register of Citizens (NRC) published by the state government in August 2019 declares people who cannot prove they came to the … Continue reading Radical Changes In India’s Secularism Thru New Citizenship Act