Canada Can Resume Its Global Image With NDP-backed Liberal Minority Govt.

By Promod Puri Irrespective of the party’s reduced numbers from 39 to 24, Jagmeet Singh’s led New Democratic Party is going to have more clout in the governing politics and policies of Canada. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won 157 seats compared to 177 in the 2015 election. Short of 170-mark, the ruling party needs NDP’s backing for its second term to rule as a minority government. The 24-seat NDP win, in fact, has halted the surge of the Conservative Party that raised its strength from 95 to 121. Throughout the election campaign, the poll numbers gave the Tories some percentage point … Continue reading Canada Can Resume Its Global Image With NDP-backed Liberal Minority Govt.

Going To A Movie Theatre In The Turmoils of Jammu And Kashmir

 By Promod Puri It was the early ‘50s, and I still remember going to the Hari Theatre in Jammu. There we were four or five us excited to see the Dilip Kumar starring blockbuster Aan. The songs of the film still reverberate in my nostalgic moods. Dilip Kumar, teasing actress Nadira and rocking with “maan mera ehsan” number, was the scene I can vividly recall. In that early teenage stage, it was indeed a bundle of joy to occasionally go for a movie and blow about it the next day in the school. Aan was a thriller where the hero … Continue reading Going To A Movie Theatre In The Turmoils of Jammu And Kashmir

Jagmeet Singh Plugs Fortune Of Sheer As PM

Promod Puri “We’re not going to support a Conservative government; we’re going to fight a Conservative government; we’re going to fight it all the way. We’re ready to do whatever it takes.” With that straightforward and definitive statement, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh has plugged the fortune of Conservative Party leader becoming the next Prime Minister of Canada, given the neck-to-neck race with the Liberal Party. As none of the two leading parties are expected to capture the magic number of 170 seats out of 338, Jagmeet Singh’s declared choice to support the Justin Trudeau led Liberal Party is the … Continue reading Jagmeet Singh Plugs Fortune Of Sheer As PM


Computer screen and our eyes don’t see eye to eye with each other. But we can’t avoid their working relationship. We know, prolong staring rather than looking at the screen is damaging to our eyes. Staring means reduced or no blinking of eyes, while looking involves frequent blinking. The ideal is 12 blinks per minute while on the computer. Ophthalmologists suggest a “20-20-20” formula to avoid tired or dry eyes. That means taking a 20-second break every 20 minutes, and to look at something 20 feet in distance. This eye break allows both relaxation and plenty of blinks. –Promod Puri Continue reading “20-20-20” FORMULA FOR RELAXING EYES:

NDP May Not Win Enough Seats To Support Minority Govt.

It is going to be a minority rule in Canada as neither the Liberal Party nor the Conservative Party is going to get the winning number of 170 seats as per all the poll indications. Meanwhile, the trajectory of New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh in recent weeks as the most favorable leader by most of the polls and the media may not land him to the position of a kingmaker in the formation of the next government in Canada. That crucial role now belongs to the Parti Quebecois with the projection of 31 seats compared to 24 by the … Continue reading NDP May Not Win Enough Seats To Support Minority Govt.

Andrew Sheer A Leader Without Lifetime Experiences

Can a person get into politics straight after finishing school or college education? And sticks to that as a career. For most politicians, this is not the case. Before entering politics, they had careers in different vocations. This is called lifetime experiences in their professional fields. Moreover, this is of vital help in political pursuits with the background and maturity in public life. But this has not been the case with Canada’s Progressive Conservative Party leader Andrew Sheer. His first real job, aside from brief stints as a waiter, insurance broker, and political aide, was a 25-year-old Member of Parliament. In … Continue reading Andrew Sheer A Leader Without Lifetime Experiences


By Promod Puri I’m often bewildered if the flood of climate campaigns and protests worldwide is proceeding in the pertinent direction, hitting the key target causing the environmental damage. In fact, that overlooked and evading target is me, along with most of us. Seriously! I’m the one, despite being aware of the deteriorating environment, is contributing significantly to its global degeneration. Rather I’m the root cause. I’m the one who is creating demand for goods and services; cheap and in abundance. But I blame big businesses, manufacturers, and industrialists in the capitalist community for their greed and irresponsible practices causing … Continue reading ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE: I’M THE CAUSE, I’M THE CURE


by Promod Puri We are quite familiar with tweezers, the small nippers for plucking out unwanted hairs or extracting splinters. But when these little tools are made of light beams to hold very tiny objects in scientific and medical fields, the optical tweezers play quite a significant role as technical aids in the studies of motions and behavior of molecular or cellular particles. That precisely the reason the 2018 Nobel Prize in physics has been awarded to Arthur Ashkin for his works on optical tweezers. Other co-winners of the Nobel Prize in physics are Gerard Mourou and Canadian scientist Donna … Continue reading LIGHT ON TWEEZERS


“I belong to a small country that was not afraid to abolish its army in order to increase its strength. In my homeland, you will not find a single tank, a single artillery piece, a single warship, or a single military helicopter. Today we threaten no one, neither our own people nor our neighbors. Such threats are absent not because we lack tanks but because there are few of us who are hungry, illiterate, or unemployed.” -Ex Costa Rican President Oscar Aria, 1987 Noble Peace Prize winner. Continue reading NO ARMIES, NO ENEMIES


An interesting interaction took place October 2, 2019 during the federal election campaign. A fellow Canadian in Quebec asked New Democratic Leader Jagmeet Singh to “cut off” his turban to look “like a Canadian.” In a poised and cool manner, which is the image he has created for himself, Jagmeet Singh responded: “I think Canadians look like all sorts of people.”The man tried another approach: “in Rome, you do as the Romans do,.” A polite response from Mr. Singh: “But this is Canada, you can do whatever you like.” In agreement, the man nodded, “I hope you win.” The encounter … Continue reading JAGMEET SINGH AND CANADIAN CULTURE