Red Thread Around Wrist

A NEW FAD OF HINDU IDENTIFICATION: Red thread around the wrist (right for men and left for women) is the new fad of Hindu ritualistic identification. Called Mauli or Kalva, it is tied by a priest or an elderly person after a ceremonial event. The wearer is supposed to keep the thread until it is worn out. The literal meaning of Mauli in Sanskrit is ‘crown,’ which means, above all. There are several mythological stories about the origin of Mauli, as well as claims of health benefits. The red cotton thread is often mixed with small colors of yellow or … Continue reading Red Thread Around Wrist


By Promod Puri “Words are the tools of writing.” But not quite so! Words, in fact, are the bricks and mortars we select and gather to build a structure. Its architecture and construction are based on our thoughts, opinions, and feelings, perceptions and impressions, or sharing of information, knowledge, and experiences. In our learning faculty, there is a library of words being accumulated from early childhood. We retrieve them from our memory cells to begin the composition of a story, novel, essay, poetry, and all other literary and non-literary works or writing a simple personal diary. Moreover, comprehensive dictionaries offer … Continue reading WRITING IS A CONSTRUCTION JOB


I was 10-year-old when one day I severely broke my right arm. A local pehlwan, as the practice or custom was in those days, was called to fix the arm. His oil massage and turning and twisting the arm to align the broken bones was an extremely painful maneuver. After a few days, the rugged treatment did not produce any improved result. Perhaps, it was more damaging. Next, I was in an Amritsar hospital where a known surgeon specializing in fixing broken bones finally put the bones close to and in front of each other. This was followed by lying … Continue reading A BOX OF TOFFEES

Home Sweet Home: The bliss of “Chajju Ka Chobara”

by Promod Puri Back in 1972, when I immigrated to Canada and made my first home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, that I happened to know a very helpful and friendly person by the name of C. R. Bector. He was a distinguished professor of mathematics at the University of Manitoba. And out of respect, as being elder to me and having an academic professional status, I along with other close acquaintances used to address him as Doctor Sahib or Doctor Bector. He was not a medical doctor but had a Ph.D. degree in his extensive portfolio of degrees. C.R. Bector, although … Continue reading Home Sweet Home: The bliss of “Chajju Ka Chobara”

There Is Faith In Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s Ethnic Sentiments

His father, Pierre Trudeau, was an intellectual statesman. Justin Trudeau falls into that grade. The genes are there. He is a “thoughtful and intelligent guy”, commented former Liberal leader Bob Rae. In his policies, we hope for better and more compassionate Canada. The clear majority gained by the Liberal Party under his leadership in the 2014 election not only demonstrated the rejection of ultra-right-wing politics of discrimination, anti-immigration and fake security concerns, but it restored the confidence in Canadian values of humanism and compassion. Justin Trudeau’s rise to political leadership has been like that of an ordinary common man. He … Continue reading There Is Faith In Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau’s Ethnic Sentiments


Besides the devotional practices at dedicated places like temples, home or public shrines, a striking and environmental sensitive and gratifying feature of Hindu worshipping practices and reverence is the deification of natural landmarks like rivers, lakes, and mountains. There is divinity in all elements of nature as well as in plants and animals. The belief is that gods and goddesses manifest in them. And their adoration is part of Hindu ritualistic practices. Excerpts from Hinduism Beyond Rituals, Customs, And Traditions. Continue reading ENVIRONMENTS AND HINDU WORSHIPPING


Carbon Dioxide is the gas which is blamed, and rightly so, for warming the earth atmosphere. In fact, its concentration in our atmosphere is only 0.041 percentage. Whereas, all the human activities contribute just about 32 percent of 0.041% of the total amount of carbon dioxide. But carbon dioxide has a very strong influence on climate because of its ability to absorb heat emitted from our planet’s surface, keeping it from escaping out to space. And that causes the escalating phenomenon of climate change. -By Promod Puri Continue reading WHAT CAUSES CLIMATE CHANGE

Contemporary Society Loaded With Choices

When trying to find a romantic match, we’re often overwhelmed with options. Reddit/WittyRepost Thomas Saltsman, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Log onto Netflix, and you’ll be presented with a menu of nearly 6,000 titles. Create an OkCupid account, and you’ll have the chance to connect with 5 million other active users. Search for a new toothbrush on Amazon, and you’ll be bombarded with over 20,000 options, ranging from manual to mechanical, from packs of three to packs of 12. As someone who is comically indecisive – and who studies stress – I often think about the … Continue reading Contemporary Society Loaded With Choices


By Promod Puri “The past is history, future is a mystery, but today is a gift……”, stay in the present and enjoy the moments. These are some of the many favored in-vogue quotes. The favorite quotations or advisories suggest our prospects belong to the moments we live in. We are told to live, feel, and enjoy the era of the present, rather than being prisoner of the past or future. But the now moments are related to past and present. Past, present, and future are interlinked, and compliments to each other with indelible events, experiences, karmas, and imaginations. The act … Continue reading PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE ARE RELATED

Joys of Fiji Travels

The following travelogue was written back in 2010 when I visited Fiji, a cluster of islands in the South Pacific region. Besides, visiting some of the most famous tourist attractions, the article also briefly mentions about the people of Fiji, especially its vibrant Indian community.   By Promod Puri Our years of build-up excitement of Fiji holidays began when we landed at the Nadi (pronounced Nandi) airport at 5.30 in the morning on June 14, 2010. It was an overnight flight from Los Angeles, but for the time difference, it took an extra calendar day to reach our dream destination. Nadi, … Continue reading Joys of Fiji Travels

British troops massacred Indians in Amritsar – and a century later, there’s been no official apology

Jallianwala Bagh, in Amritsar, India, where hundreds were killed on April 13, 1919, under British colonial rule. AP Photo/Prabhjot Gill Sumit Ganguly, Indiana University The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby recently visited the site of a brutal massacre that happened in 1919 under the British colonial rule in India and offered his personal apologies. He expressed his “deep sense of grief” for a “terrible atrocity.” Earlier in April, then U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May told the House of Commons that the episode was “a shameful scar on British-Indian history.” However, she had stopped short of apologizing. The massacre is still … Continue reading British troops massacred Indians in Amritsar – and a century later, there’s been no official apology

A Quick Glance At Hindu Holy Book BHAGAVAD GITA

Bhagavad Gita is a question-answer dialogue between Lord Krishna and Prince Arjun. It is a compilation of Lord Krishna’s philosophical and practical teachings in response to Arjun’s questioning the intricacies, the confusion and the challenges in an individual’s life. The entire episode is set in a war zone symbolizing that human life is a combat ground as well. Gita is a sacred, practical and eternal guide as to how to tackle evils and to seek a path of spirituality. It covers ethical and moral challenges in the battlefield of life. Bhagavad means Bhagavan, the Supreme Being, or meaning ‘Bhag’, the … Continue reading A Quick Glance At Hindu Holy Book BHAGAVAD GITA


As the starting gun was fired this week for October 21 election campaign, the ruling Liberal Party and the opposition Conservative Party are running almost neck-to-neck with 34 and 35 percent support respectively, according to the latest poll. Besides, this close-race pairing, another crucial dual emerging fast, is the 11 percent support for each of the New Democratic Party and the Green Party. And then there is a new political sneaker this time representing the Far-Right burrows of Canada. The guy is the disgruntled former Conservative, Maxime Bernier, who launched the People’s Party last year. Currently, it is getting three percent approval, … Continue reading EXCITING ELECTION STEAMING UP IN CANADA

Why Sikhs wear a turban and what it means to practice the faith

People participate in a candlelight vigil near the White House to protest violence against Sikhs in 2012. AP Photo/Susan Walsh by Simran Jeet Singh, New York University An elderly Sikh gentleman in Northern California, 64-year-old Parmjit Singh, was recently stabbed to death while taking a walk in the evening. Authorities are still investigating the killer’s motive, but community members have asked the FBI to investigate the killing. For many among the estimated 500,000 Sikhs in the U.S., it wouldn’t be the first time. According to the Sikh Coalition, the largest Sikh civil rights organization in North America, this is the … Continue reading Why Sikhs wear a turban and what it means to practice the faith

India must stop deforesting its mountains to fight floods

Mountains above Munnar, a hill town in Kerala, India. Santhosh Varghese / shutterstock Gayathri D Naik, SOAS, University of London Floods are now an annual nightmare in many parts of southern and western India. Valleys in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala that weren’t considered flood-prone until recently are at risk. During floods and landslides in August 2019, two villages were completely destroyed killing several people, while a year earlier Kerala saw its worst floods in a century. These floods appear to be getting more severe. Climate change is causing stronger and more erratic rainfall with recurrent floods in … Continue reading India must stop deforesting its mountains to fight floods

Seeking Cause Or Causes Of 9/11s Worldwide

9/11 is the anniversary date of a major terrorist attack on the American soil September 11,2001. 9/11s have happened before and after. These are still occurring all over the globe. It befell on Vietnam, Iraq, and continues in Afghanistan and Syria. 9/11s erupts every now and then in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Call it the culture of gun violence, 9/11s happen several times a year on the American soil too. They say terrorists carry 9/11s. True. Regimes are also major players in developing, creating and executing 9/11s. It is a symptom and cause theory as Obama says in a different … Continue reading Seeking Cause Or Causes Of 9/11s Worldwide

Swing Like A Pendulum

People with free mindset attitude swing like a pendulum. Passing through the Centre, they move to the religious, social or political ideologies of the Left or Right, atheist or theist, but not committed to any of them. The world will be a better place if more people join the pendulum instead of being ideologically fanatics that can restrict the perception of ever-chabging issues confronting us individually or by the society we live in. -Promod Puri   Continue reading Swing Like A Pendulum

Featuring Moon In The Hindi Filmi Songs

While space scientists can continue their exploration of the moon and establish more communication links with the cool-light planet, I along with most of us of the Indian heritage were told in very early childhood that the guy up there in the sky is a close relative from the mother side. He was referred to as Chanda-mama, to be precise Chanda uncle. In fact, as we were growing up, we were introduced to a very popular children magazine, I believe it is still around, called Chandamama. It was an easy read comic magazine dealing with ancient Indian folklore. Moon has a … Continue reading Featuring Moon In The Hindi Filmi Songs


The unrest and protests in the Kashmir Valley over the abrogation of Article 370 have made it insignificant the overwhelming silence and calm in Ladakh, Kargil, Jammu, Kishtwar, Doda, Rajouri, Poonch, Udhampur and other regions of the vast state of Jammu and Kashmir. The tranquil scene in these regions has a message in it. However, that message is insignificant. What is significant and newsworthy is the hostile and volatile atmosphere in the Kashmir region. But that is not new. The mindset bias is always inspired by what happens in the Valley. Does not this silence matter in understanding the Kashmir … Continue reading THAT SILENCE IS NEWS TOO:


Centuries ago, people used to migrate from one place to another for reasons which were natural calamities, local violence, or community upheavals. Or just seeking better pastures. But there were no borders. It was freedom of unrestricted movement. Now, in the present age peoples also want to migrate for the same reasons as well as to escape violent political upheavals, crime, and violence based on ethnicity, conflicts, and prosecutions. But, we have borders. There are security guards, policing and military both at leaving and entry routes. People seeking refuge in other lands face multiple hardships, rules, and regulations.  It is … Continue reading FREEDOM TO MOVE IN OUR OWN “GLOBAL VILLIAGE “


By Promod Puri The man is more than his round turban and drawn beard. He is also the most well-dressed politician among his peers in the Canadian parliament. Federal New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh is an identity reflecting the spirit and reality of the contemporary Canadian society. In the multi-religious, multi-language, and multi-cultural environment of the nation, he stands out in his physical appearance with conviction. The dynamics of his visible presentation is not only to represent himself with his Sikh heritage. But he wants to see the same pride among the peoples of Canada in their own cultural … Continue reading NDP LEADER JAGMEET SINGH’S IMAGE BEYOND POLITICS

Inhumanity Sweeping The World

“Inhumanity, it seems, is contagious. In Italy, babies and children have been repeatedly kept at sea for days by a government that fears—hates, even—migrants, no matter their age. In Turkey, authorities are cracking down on the Syrian refugees that Europe didn’t want. Globally, more people have been forcibly displaced from their homes in the past five years than at any previous time in history, and more than half of the world’s 26 million refugees are children. Many are met with systematic dehumanization coupled with apathy in the places where they hoped they would be safe. This suffering cannot be blamed … Continue reading Inhumanity Sweeping The World