Rise Of People’s Party Would Help Liberals

By Promod Puri The best thing which can happen to the Liberal Party in the October election would be the rise of Maxime Bernier People’s Party. According to the latest poll, the People’s Party has three percent support across Canada. And if the party gathers momentum, the kicked-out leader from the Conservative Party would significantly help the Liberals by vote-splitting among the diehard Conservatives. That would be a strategical development on which the Liberals will keep a tab in its game plan for the upcoming federal election. In the meantime, the latest numbers as gathered by the Research Co., suggest the … Continue reading Rise Of People’s Party Would Help Liberals

In Business World Right Is Moving towards Left

“A new kind of capitalism seems to be emerging, one in which companies value communities, the environment, and workers just as much as profits,” according to Prof. Elizabeth Schmidt of the University of Massachusetts writing in The Conversation. Till now, it has been “shareholder capitalism,” where the only reason to run an enterprise to seek profits. However, in the last decade or so there has been tremendous ‘rebellion’ by consumers, Left-inclined workers, and environmentally-conscious investors to change the profit focus behavior in the corporate world. The social and environmental commitments seem to be the emerging culture in the conduct of … Continue reading In Business World Right Is Moving towards Left


In the abundant rally of summer fruits, watermelon is the heavyweight champion. The green globe occupies its own majestic space in separate and more significant bins apart from the rest of the babies in comparison. Its real value lies in the sweet and ninety percent watery pulp. It is the delight of summer and pride of picnics. Being high in nutrients, doctors recommend watermelon as it lowers BP. In fact, the king of fruits is soaked in nutrients. It is loaded with lycopene, the antioxidant, which is said to control cancer and diabetes, according to WebMD. The selection of watermelon, … Continue reading WATERMELON, THE DELIGHT OF SUMMER

Trip To The Moon: A short story

Moving forward a few decades from now, two friends took their first journey to the moon. Upon landing on their dream destination, they had their first encounter with a local. “Welcome to the Moon, where are you guys from.” “I’m from America, and this friend of mine is from Mexico.” “Oh! Never heard about these places before.” Then the Mexican guy interrupted: “actually sir, we are from the earth.” “That makes sense, enjoy the trip.” -by Promod Puri Continue reading Trip To The Moon: A short story

9.5% Chance Of Human Extinction in 2100:

It’s not just hydrogen bombs pushing us closer to oblivion, it’s climate change and the threat of ecological collapse. Researchers now estimate the likelihood of human extinction by 2100 at 9.5%. 2050: Estimated year civilization could collapse due to climate change, according to an Australian think tank. What To Do: For humans to fully address climate change will demand a World War-scale effort to remake energy, agriculture, infrastructure, and transportation systems. -Quartz on climate Eschatology. Continue reading 9.5% Chance Of Human Extinction in 2100:

How People Cleaned Teeth In Olden Days

People worked for healthy teeth long before nylon brushes hit the market. Mila Davidovic/Shutterstock.com Jane Cotter, Texas A&M University Dental hygiene has come a long way since the days of wine-soaked toothpicks and the urine mouthwash once thought to disinfect mouths and whiten teeth. Some of the earliest tooth-cleaning artifacts archaeologists have found are ancient toothpicks, dental tools and written tooth care descriptions dating back more than 2,500 years. Famous Greek doctor Hippocrates was one of the first to recommend cleaning teeth with what was basically a dry toothpaste, called a dentifrice powder. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian texts advised cleaning … Continue reading How People Cleaned Teeth In Olden Days

Some Island Countries Are On The Verge Of Drowning

An atoll in the Republic of Kiribati, an island nation in the South Pacific that’s in danger of disappearing due to climate change. (Shutterstock) Sarah M. Munoz, Université de Montréal Global climate change is endangering small island countries, many of them developing nations, potentially harming their ability to function as independent states. As international environmental co-operation stalls, we must ask what consequences climate change will have on the statehood of vulnerable countries. This is especially important because sovereignty is the most important principle in international relations. Any threat to a nation’s sovereignty could have unprecedented repercussions for global governance. A … Continue reading Some Island Countries Are On The Verge Of Drowning


DEADENDS TO FREE THINKING: Marxism, Communism, Capitalism, theism, atheism, religious doctrines, and most other disciplines when offered as a prescription, formulated or no-questions-asked models to establish religious, social, and political systems, then these very ideologies lose their basic messages. Mindset fanatic attitude or behavior is installed. And that results in creating roadblocks or deadends to free thinking. -Promod Puri Continue reading ROADBLOCKS AND DEADENDS TO FREE THINKING


(This article is an approach to get into the praxis of simple living and to realize its efficacy. The article does not make a list of things as what to do or what not to do, rather it is left to the reader to work out his or her own simple living lifestyle and make changes as one goes along this path. The basis of this presentation is to seek some disciplined enjoyment of life towards self as well as towards the environment around.) The nature of simple living if willingly explored, accepted and experienced is both rewarding and blissful. … Continue reading SIMPLE LIVING: THE ULTIMATE JOY OF LIFE