Mueller Report Spares The Big One

By Promod Puri

The Hindi phrase “khoda pahar nikla chuha (dug the mountain, got out a rat) or the English equivalent: much ado about nothing, is the essence of Robert Mueller’s partially-released report.

However, in this case instead catch of one single big rat, the two-year-long digging did find lot more casualties, 34 of them in all, much to the disappointment of many who were expecting an explosive closure.

It all began when Donald Trump was accused that he along with his election team conspired with Russians to influence the 2016 US presidential poll.

The high-profile investigation which involved many lawyers and dozens of FBI agents incurred an expense of over $30 million.

President Trump all along claimed that he was innocent and that he was being witch-hunted by his opponents. Nonetheless, the Mueller report did result in indictments of many of his lieutenants.

They included Robert Stone (former Trump advisor), Michael Cohen (former trump attorney), Paul Manafort (former campaign chair), George Papadopoulos (former campaign aide), Michael Flynn (former national security advisor, Konstantin Kilimnik (alleged Russian spy), etc., etc.

While the curtains are finally down for the Mueller-directed political drama, Trumps stands tall, happy, golfing and continues delighting and distracting the world with his daily treats of tweets.

Author: Promod Puri

Retired after 40 years of career in journalism. Former publisher and editor of The Link, a South Asian Canadian weekly newspaper from Vancouver, BC. Now a freelance writer. Published my first book titled "Hinduism:beyond rituals,customs and traditions". The book is educational dealing with all the facets of Hinduism. Websites:

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