Mueller Report Spares The Big One

By Promod Puri The Hindi phrase “khoda pahar nikla chuha (dug the mountain, got out a rat) or the English equivalent: much ado about nothing, is the essence of Robert Mueller’s partially-released report. However, in this case instead catch of one single big rat, the two-year-long digging did find lot more casualties, 34 of them in all, much to the disappointment of many who were expecting an explosive closure. It all began when Donald Trump was accused that he along with his election team conspired with Russians to influence the 2016 US presidential poll. The high-profile investigation which involved many … Continue reading Mueller Report Spares The Big One


Punjabis have a great sense of humor. And the people from both sides of the border between India and Pakistan share this personality trait as the blood in their veins. Recently while watching a TV talk show from Lahore, on the serious issue of donkey meat being sold as goat or beef in the country, I couldn’t stop laughing at the remarks of a comedian host joking around this issue as well. Here is how it goes… After having a delicious meal of Lahori kebobs in a restaurant, the comedian realized that the serving could be made from pure donkey … Continue reading PUNJABI HUMOR FOR ALL OCCASIONS


It was the most stupid decision Britishers made in its recent history to leave the European Union, and in which many among the whiter than the white immigrants joining the xenophobic racists. The nation is now stuck in the limbo as it cannot go back, and it can’t move forward. In the meantime, many multi-nationals are leaving the country and the small to medium industries are suffering. Down the road jobs will be lost by those who wanted to save them from immigrants. Social programs will be affected, as immigrants were allegedly been robbing the country of those benefits. Here … Continue reading BREXIT: STUPID MOVE PUTS UK IN LIMBO

David Sidoo, A Sacrificial Lamb

It is a case of compromising with ethics and risking his own reputation for the sake of securing a good future for his sons. This could be a sacrifice for the kids, but the laws are blind when decorated businessman and celebrated donor to the University of British Columbia, David Sidoo was arrested in the United States last Friday. The alleged charge is that Sidoo paid $100,000 in 2011 to have one individual to take the qualifying test in place of his older son for admission to a California University. The scheme worked, and the son got the required marks … Continue reading David Sidoo, A Sacrificial Lamb

Changing World Needs Changing World Orders

Many rituals, customs, and traditions related to our religions need a review for their practicality in our ever-changing world culture. Moreover, in the progressive development, the call of humanity seeks to re-evaluate each of our religions, rituals, customs, traditions, social and political institutions, including Left and Right isms, which impart values and behaviors impacting our societies.   This resolution is part of the evolution and management of civil society we live in. The evolution of civilization is natural as well as essential for the rational and intelligent creation of environments influencing our lives. The contemporary world society needs Neologism. Neologism … Continue reading Changing World Needs Changing World Orders

Apples, Oranges & Kashmir Problem

BY Promod Puri Apple and oranges don’t mix. They grow in separate regions and in separate climates. They have separate shapes and separate tastes. Jammu grows oranges, sweet and juicy. Kashmir grows apples, luscious and crispy. Put them together in a box. And market it as a product of Kashmir. That is simply deceptive labeling. It should be marked as a product of Jammu And Kashmir. And that is the same subtle difference when Kashmir and Jammu are packaged together linguistically, socially and politically. And the entity is stamped as Kashmir. The packaging is done and marketed by Kashmiri political … Continue reading Apples, Oranges & Kashmir Problem

No Basis Why Indian Sub-continent Divided 72 Yrs Ago

Flip the coin and on one side India and Pakistan seem to be combating with each other forever. On the other side, they are sharing the same bread of common roots, common cultures, languages, and traditions. This love and hate relationship between the two neighbors is both as a result of natural and historic bonding between the peoples of the two countries. At the same time, there is the hostility generated by militancy from Pakistan and India’s dithering stand in resolving the Kashmir problem. In 1947 when the British colonial rulers left the Indian subcontinent Pakistan was established. It was … Continue reading No Basis Why Indian Sub-continent Divided 72 Yrs Ago

Leader of Choice

His image may be soiled by the media-branded “explosive” testimony of ex-justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould recently, Prime Minister Justine Trudeau is still my choice of being the leader of the Liberal Party to win the next federal election in Canada. The alternative of the Conservative Party with its leader Andrew James Scheer is politically and socially retrogressive for the liberal-spirited, non-racist multicultural Canadian society. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh fits well as a dedicated socialist leader, but he needs to undergo more political baking to be better known and accepted by all Canadians from coast to coast. -Promod Puri Continue reading Leader of Choice


Since bias knows no boundaries, Manusmriti not only expounds the social distance between the upper and lower castes, but it also delineates the status of women by curbing their rights. It lists guidelines for men in selecting marriage partners and puts a stamp of their superiority by creating gender inequality. In chapter 3 with numbered paragraphs here it is what Manusmriti prescribes: 8. One should not marry women who have reddish hair, redundant parts of the body [such as six fingers], one who is often sick, one without hair or having excessive hair and one who has red eyes. 9. … Continue reading MANUSMRITI AND WOMEN

Kashmir: India and Pakistan’s escalating conflict will benefit Narendra Modi ahead of the election

Sita Bali, Staffordshire University Tensions in the Kashmir region were already building after more than 40 Indian troops were recently killed by a suicide bomber. India’s “pre-emptive strike” over the disputed border on Tuesday – the first of its kind by India since it went to war with Pakistan in 1971 – has escalated the situation further. India said it had targeted a terrorist training camp and accused Pakistan of violating a 2003 ceasefire, while Pakistan now claims to have shot down two Indian fighter jets. The origins of the Kashmir conflict lie in British imperial disengagement from the subcontinent. … Continue reading Kashmir: India and Pakistan’s escalating conflict will benefit Narendra Modi ahead of the election