Another targeted deadly attack in Kashmir. And that brings back the unresolved Kashmir problem up-front again.

All the present and the past regimes in both India and Pakistan have not been able to untangle the issue. Perhaps, for the simple reason the ruling leaderships of both the countries don’t have the will to tackle the problem on behalf of the people of the state. Or they don’t want it for their own political agenda.

For that reason, let the people of the state decide their future. And that decision should be based not what the Kashmiri-speaking population want, but it must include rest of the linguistically, culturally, geographically and religiously other regions of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.

Jammu, Ladakh and the Pakistan-controlled “Azad Kashmir” are parts of the state who deserve as much recognition and say in resolving the “Kashmir” problem as the valley-dominated Kashmir leadership.

-Promod Puri