Hukam Razai Chalna, Nanak Likhyea Naal

Perhaps the most relevant message of Guru Nanak Dev is Hukam Razai Chalna, Nanak likhyea naal.

In its simple meaning, as usual, addressing himself, Nanak says: it is inevitably written that we conduct ourselves according to the will of God.

Hukam means order or command, razai means acceptance, chalna means to walk, and likhyea naal meaning inevitably written down. To follow (razai) the walk (chalna) guided by hukam of God as inevitably written (likhyea naal), creates our basic understanding of this divine message from Guru Nanak Dev.


The keyword in the edict is Hukam, and this is where our razai or acceptance is based. Does it mean that we dispel all our reasons and accept every situation or event as the will of God, in other words, that is our fate, good or bad? Is this the way God wants us to accept His will without any action on our part?

In this discussion, if our answer is yes, then we are ritualistically wrong.

Hukam does not mean fate or something unavoidable. It does not mean that we accept every situation as a creation of God whether we like it or not, and we surrender to it.

This is passive acceptance. That is the path for those who seek escape or renunciation. Nanak was against renunciation, and so were all other Sikh Gurus including Guru Gobind Singh.

The history of Sikhism is full of actions to seek righteousness and reject injustice. And that has been the Supreme Command which Nanak is professing.

Hukum is not rigid and a closed commandment, rather it encourages rational thinking followed by action. That is the entirety of Hukam. Here the word chalna, to walk, is very crucial. It means that we carry on with our mission until the goal is achieved.

Hukum is the beginning, and it is the end. In between are our related thoughts and actions. Hukum is the cause of generating an effect. The latter is produced by our actions where God gives us the freedom to act according to our consciousness.

In our personal commitments, Hukam is the discipline we’re creating in the execution of resolutions we make.

-by Promod Puri



3 thoughts on “Hukam Razai Chalna, Nanak Likhyea Naal

  1. Zile Singh says:

    Hukam Razai Chalna ….. has a different meaning to different people. To me, it is: The Divine Order”. Or the Cosmic Order. It is to Understand the Cosmic Order. In man’s life, this Understanding is missing. Nanak exhorts people to Understand it. This Understanding will not come by walking on the path of different religions. Religions are not Divine nor Cosmic. These are man-made. Man in himself is complete. As soon as he becomes a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim or a Sikh, the suffering starts.

    First of all, let us see who was Baba Nanak. He was not a Sikh. Sikhism came much later. During his time he was not even “The Guru”. The Guru practice also came later. He was not a Hindu, nor a Muslim. At the same time, he was both. He was not a householder neither a sanyasi. But he was both. He was a singer and a musician, but at the same time, he was a Meditator.

    The Divine or Cosmic Order says ” Do not Swim against the current, but Float.” When one starts swimming against the current, pain and suffering start. The easiest way is just Float. Nanak said that even Japji Saheb is a milestone. It is not the Destination. Do not stick to Jap only. Understand it and move on. The destination is further away. In fact Nanak should have said, ” rituals, dress, symbols and even service to enhance ego are of no meaning on the Divine Path or Hukam.”.


  2. Promod Puri says:

    Yes, it is true the edict has a different meaning to different people, and I agree it is a divine order which one should follow as directed by our consciousness. Your explanation of the divine order is perfect, as one should not go against the divine flow. Also, I appreciate your description of the personality of Nanak. Thanks a lot for your very valuable comments.


  3. A. Rinum says:

    I never knew this about Sikhism. I guess all religions have one thing in common: to reach the divine. Also, to spread goodness and justice.
    Thanks for sharing!


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