New Year Celebrations And Lonely Folks

While most of us are getting into the joyous mood of New Year eve celebrations in the company of friends and families, some folks are lonely and ending the last few hours of 2018 just being alone. In the company of their own self, they are away from society, families, and friends in the confines … Continue reading New Year Celebrations And Lonely Folks



I have company in my lonely abode Arriving and departing, the door is open and revolving The guests come, some offer bloom, others gloom. They’re the memories, family, and friends, Karmas’ notes, complaints, and compliments Environments, weapons, wars, and fights Politics, poverty, religions, and human rights Cherishing hopes, jokes, and anecdotes In this lively, and … Continue reading PARTY IN MY LONELY ABODE!

Poet Shailendra

In simple words, he wrote great poetry with deepest thoughts, feelings, and emotions. He dared to lodge his genuine complaint to God, duniya banane wale kaya tera mann main samai, kahe to duniya banai. Poet Shailendra, film producer Raj Kapoor, singer Mukesh, and Music director duo Shanker Jaikishan together became the most dominating combination in … Continue reading Poet Shailendra

Politics Of BJP Damaging To India’s Democratic Institutions

  By Promod Puri It is the institutional damage that is a primary cause of concern for the survival and functioning of democracy in India. And that is the major contrast between the years of governance by the Congress Party with its united front allies and the present ruling power politics of Bhartiya Janata Party … Continue reading Politics Of BJP Damaging To India’s Democratic Institutions

Genes Determine Our Health-related Fate


As Guru Gobind Singh does not believe in the blind following, he stresses on rational acceptance in his abiding declaration of “Guru Maneyo Granth.”

Progressive Hindu Dialogue

The 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, close to his death, sealed the continuity of human gurus. He declared that henceforth the holy book Adi Granth would be the eternal Guru of Sikhs.

The hymn composed by him for that declaration encourages a devotee to study, research and contemplate on the enlightenment contained in the sacred book.

The hymn says:

Agya bhai Akal ki tabhi chalayo Panth
Sabb Sikhan ko hukam hai Guru manyo Granth
Guru Granth Ji manyo pargat Guran ki deh
Jo Prabhu ko milbo chahe khoj shabad mein le
Raj karega Khalsa aqi rahei na koe
Khwar hoe sabh milange bache sharan jo hoe.”

While the first three lines of the hymn translate like this: the Sikh Panth (meaning a path) was created by the orders of the Supreme Being whereby all Sikhs are asked to accept the Adi Granth (Sikh holy book) as their Guru…

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